1129313 - Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit AP3089928, PS317558

Part Number:1129313
1129313 - Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit  AP3089928, PS317558
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1129313 Ice Maker Kit AP3089928, PS317558

This part  1129313 is a refrigerator ice maker kit

This refrigerator ice maker kit 1129313 is manufactured by Whirlpool.

This Add On Ice Maker Kit includes wiring harness, fill tube, water inlet valve, ice bin, mounting hardware and instructions.

This kit can be used on porcelain liner refrigerator models with 30 - 33 and 36 in. wide cabinets. Incorporates a round plug.

This part 1129313 replaces 1105298, 1114185, 1118554, 1118555, 1118746, 1129312, 1129313VP, 1129314, 2290, 468150, 8050, 8050-1, 8050-2, 8150, 940556, 941555, 984827, 987613, AH317558, EA317558, ECK-MF11, ECK-MF2, ECK-MF3, ECK-MF4, ECK-MF5, ECK-MF51, ECK-MF6, ECK-MF61, ECK-MF63, ECK-MF64, ECKMF-64, ECKMF11, ECKMF2, ECKMF3, ECKMF4, ECKMF5, ECKMF51, ECKMF6, ECKMF61, ECKMF63, ECKMF64, KIMF8, PS317558, B008DJXCDC, B008DK7YH6, B00M78ECFW, B00M78DMEO, B00M78EHDY, B00M78E52C, B00M78DDOS, B00M78D6PO, B008DK7CBE, B008DK5090, B008DK78EK, B00M78CZ7O, B00M78CSD0, B00M78D42O, B00M78DV2C, B00M78DOEC, B00M78DKX2, B008DJOKJW, B00M78DXLQ, B008DJT9GQ, B00M78DJ74, B008DJT9Z2, B00M78DRY4, B00M78E1NU, B00M78DGPY, B008DJRX46, B005HFB7E6, B00LMOKN9Q, B0156N8Q4M, B001ID3BMC, B00M78DAIW, B00M78CT0C, B00M78CXO4, B00M78EE50, B008DJRQ2K, B00M78D0OQ, B00M78D1KO, B008DJTFPQ, B00M78E30Q, B00M78DBUY.

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