4 Simple Ways You Could Be Making Your Room Air Conditioner More Efficient

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 6/30/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

1.   Set your fan speed on low on days when the humidity is high. Having the speed set to low will help remove more moisture from the air. The air will have a chance to move slower through the cooling process, which allows for more accuracy in removing unwanted moisture.  

2.  Don’t put other appliances, such as TV’s or lamps near your air conditioner. The heat that they give off will affect the room temperature reading when placed too close. This will cause your unit to run more often than needed, which results in higher energy bills.

3.    Use a ceiling or freestanding fan when your unit is cooling to help distribute the cool air evenly across the entire room.

4.    Set your thermostat temperature for as high as you can while still being comfortable. The less of a difference between the indoor and the outdoor temperature, the more money you will save on energy bills. 

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