MAP61913708 Washer Bearing AP4437603 PS3522897

Part Number:MAP61913708
MAP61913708 Washer Bearing AP4437603 PS3522897
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MAP61913708 Washer Bearing Assembly - 280FR4048S, 1267500, 4280FR4048N, AH3522897, EA3522897, MAP62554001, PS3522897 

Washer Bearing MAP61913708, is found on LG, Kenmore and some other brand front load washers. 

This washer outer tub bearing prevents the washer from being excessively noisy and shaky.

Replaces 280FR4048S, 1267500, 4280FR4048N, 4280FR4048L, AH3522897, EA3522897, MAP62554001, PS3522897. 

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