4413ER1003A - Washer Rotor

Part Number:4413ER1003A
4413ER1003A - Washer Rotor
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4413ER1003A Washer Rotor -  AP4438254, PS3522943

Front loading washer rotor 4413ER1003A, is used on LG and some Kenmore front loading washers
This LG washer rotor is the part of the motor that rotates. It is connected to the spin basket shaft with heavy duty splines in the middle. It is loaded with permanent magnets that when induced by the stator, starts the basket turning. Front loading washers are more energy efficient than top load washers because they spin the clothes at a much higher speed that extracts more water out of the clothes reducing drying times. 

Replaces,  1328829, 4413ER1003C, AH3522943, EA3522943, PS3522943, etc. 

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