4417FA1994G - Washer Stator Assembly

Part Number:4417FA1994G
4417FA1994G - Washer Stator Assembly
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4417FA1994G Washer Stator - 4417FA1994G, AP5595687, PS3635512

Front loading washer stator 4417FA1994G is found on LG and some Kenmore front loading washers. 

This LG washer stator is the stationary part of the motor. It is an electromagnet with coils that when energized induces the rotor that is loaded with permanent magnets to start turning the washer inner basket. By using this configuration the washer motor can rotate the spin basket in either direction and control the spin speed. Front loading washers are more energy efficient than top load washers because they spin the clothes at a much higher speed that extracts more water out of the clothes reducing drying times. 

Replaces, AP4438648, 1266809, PS2381954, AH3635512, EA3635512. 

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