5 Organizing Ideas to Get More Out of Your Pantry

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 1/15/2018 to DIY
5 Organizing Ideas to Get More Out of Your Pantry

Maximize your Space


No matter how big or small your pantry is, it is important to use every inch of it as much as you can. Make sure you fill up the shelves, drawers, and cabinets and if you have a blank wall, you can install shelves. You can also install a pegboard to hand pots, pans, large utensils or anything else that can be hung. If your pantry already has storage space, then use it efficiently, otherwise, you can install multiple different organizers to provide more space for storage.


Smart Storage


The type of storage you choose will impact organization so choose wisely! Consider a system that is flexible or a built-in system like adjustable shelves. Cubby units are easy to move and easy to slide in and out, and more convenient than stationary ones. You can also install wall storage or use wired baskets. The storage capacity of drawers is more efficient and makes storing everything much easier.


Use Containers


Storing items like flour, rice, sugar anything that is a grain or powdery will help keep your pantry neat and organized. Square containers use less space than circled containers. Also, stackable containers work best for vertical shelf storage. You can purchase inexpensive containers, like mason jars at common stores like Target or TJ Maxx. Baskets or crates are great for storing miscellaneous items that you are unsure of if you want to throw out of not. Using containers makes your pantry more organized and gives it some style.


Label like Crazy!


Take time to label everything in your pantry, doing this will make storing and finding items much easier. Also, your children will have an easier time finding items in the pantry rather than making you go fetch it for them. You can use luggage tags, tape or even chalkboard labels. This will leave your pantry organized and easier to obtain certain items.


Add Style


Your pantry’s main job is to be functional to your use, but giving it some style will make you eager to keep it neat. Add some color to the walls or wallpaper and find ways to collaborate your storage bins and baskets with your décor. You can add festive lights or anything else that brings out the color in your pantry!



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