5303918344 - Refrigerator Ice Maker

Part Number:5303918344
5303918344 - Refrigerator  Ice Maker
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5303918344 Ice Maker - AP4299334, PS1992700

Refrigerator ice maker 5303918344, is used on Kenmore, Frigidaire, and some other brand side-by-side refrigerators with an ice and water dispenser. 

You may be changing this part if your current ice maker is not making ice, 

or if you are noticing that the inside coating of the ice maker is ending up inside the ice. 

Replaces, 1260019, 240599901, 241627701, 241680601, 241696501, 241709801, 5304436617, AH1992700, EA1992700, PS1992700, etc. 

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