5303935058 - Range Surface Unit Receptacle

Part Number:5303935058
5303935058 - Range Surface Unit Receptacle
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5303935058 - Range Surface Unit Receptacle 

Range Surface Burner Receptacle 5303935058, is designed for universal installation and can be used on most brands including, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Tappan and more.

Universal surface unit receptacle kit that includes ceramic wirenuts, two brackets, heat shrink tubing, and wire. This kit works with most plug in surface elements (aka burners).

Replaces 08002916, 08002917, 08002918, 08002919, 08010475, 08012865, 08067829, 12871, 3016601, 3018000, 3051402, 355L120S01, 42822, 5300219245, 5303912666, 709T026P01, 709T026S01, 709T026S02, 709T034P01, 709T034S01, 709T045P01, 709T045S01, 8010475, Q000160979, Q000219245, Q160979, R201A, RR104, RR109, RR110, RR117, etc. 

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