5303935129 - Range Infinite Switch

Part Number:5303935129
5303935129 - Range Infinite Switch
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5303935129 - Range Infinite Switch

Range infinite switch regulates the amount of heat the element produces and turns off and on as needed. Infinite switch fits with various Frigidaire manufactured range models. 

Replace Part Numbers: AP2584481, 79, AH470181, EA470181, PS470181, Q000011719, Q000011720, Q000011721, Q000011722, Q000044059, Q000050813, Q000050814, Q000050815, Q000050832, Q000050837, Q000054001, Q000054002, Q000054003, Q000054004, Q000054005, Q000054006, Q000054013, Q000054019, Q000054020, Q000054021, Q000054022, Q000054023, Q000054024, Q000054025, Q000054026, Q000054027, Q000054028, Q000054029, Q000054030, Q000054031, Q000054032, Q000054034, Q000055403, Q000058821, Q000080571, Q000080572, Q000080583, Q000094009, Q000094010, Q000277653, Q00080572, Q162552, Q163521, Q163522, Q44062, Q600491, Q600492, Q80572, Q80583, Q80584, 179

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