5304464978 Appliance Anti-Vibration Pads

Part Number:5304464978
5304464978 Appliance Anti-Vibration Pads
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5304464978 Appliance Anti-Vibration Pads - AP4326989, PS2333729, 1394226

Appliance Anti-Vibration Pads 5304464978, are made by Electrolux and come four in a pack.

These pads each feature 5-layers to help prevent vibration or shaking while your washer or dryer are in use.  The pads also help to prevent rattling or other sounds your unit may have been making because it was moving on the floor. Simply place a pad under each corner of the appliance  

Try these out for a shaky washing machine or dryer!

Replaces 1394226, AP4326989, AH2333729, EA2333729, PS2333729. 

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