6 Unconventional Uses For Your Kitchen Appliance

Posted by Shelby Cohan on 11/8/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
6 Unconventional Uses For Your Kitchen Appliance

The freezer is just for freezing food, the microwave is just for warming up food, and the coffeemaker is just for making coffee, right? Wrong. Some appliances have multiple uses that you might have never thought about before. Below are 6 great ways to use your appliances in ways they weren't necessarily made for. 

1. Freeze your denim

When you wash denim you run the risk of having it fade. If the faded look is not something you’re looking for but still want your denim clean, try putting it in the freezer for a week. Doing this will kill any bacteria which also helps in freshening the smell.

2.Toast a bagel or bread on the coffeemaker

No toaster at home? No worries. You can use the hot plate of the coffeemaker to toast your bagel or bread. Before doing this you’ll want to make sure the coffeemaker is properly cleaned. Check out this coffeemaker cleaner from Affresh. Again, keep careful watch for safety.

3. Remove stamp using a the microwave

Put a stamp on a letter you didn’t end up mailing or just want to save a really cool stamp you’ve been sent? There’s a quick solution to get that stamp off the envelope. Put a drop of water over the stamp and microwave the envelope for 30 seconds and the stamp should come right off. For safety, make sure to keep watch while microwaving.

4. Microwave your citrus before squeezing

Having trouble getting all that juice out of a lemon, lime, or orange? Try microwaving the fruit for about 10 seconds before squeezing to maximize the juice output.

5. Shred meat using a mixer

Shredding meat like brisket, chicken or pulled pork using a fork still works fine but what if you’re in a time crunch? Speed things up by using a mixer for the same result!

6. Use the coffee maker to steam certain foods

Oh no the stove is broken but you need to steam veggies or hard boil eggs. Look no further than the coffeemaker! It will get the job done just the same. When you’re done, check out our repair guide for assistance in fixing the stove.

Hopefully these tips will come in handy around home and maybe even inspire you to think of other ways to use your appliances.

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