7 Neat Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Posted by Haley Waple on 1/11/2018 to DIY
7 Neat Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a quick way to help remove static from your clothing, soften your clothes, and give your laundry a fresh clean scent. But, did you know that dryer sheets serve other purposes as well? Below is a list of 7 ways to use dryer sheets.

1.       Perfect for Travel: If you’re traveling place a dryer sheet at the bottom and tip of your suitcase and your clothes will smell clean and fresh when you open your suitcase

2.       Remove Garbage Stench: If you have trouble removing the awful garbage stench, dryer sheets can save you. Simply place a dryer sheet at the bottom of your garbage bin and also inside the garbage to help eliminate odors!

3.       Home Freshener: If you run a central air conditioner place a couple sheets under the base of your air filter to help your house smelling fresh. If you don’t have a central air conditioner unit in your home you can pin dryer sheets with a safety pin to the fan (just make sure you do this when it is off).

4.       Perfect for Cleaning: If your paper towels are failing you dryer sheets can come to the rescue. If you’ve got a dusty area in your home grab a dryer sheet and rub all over the affected area to quickly attract those pesky dust, dirt, and food particles.

5.       DIY Air Freshener: If you run out of air freshener in your bathroom you can use dryer sheets! Just wrap the toilet paper holder with three to four dryer sheets tightly and let the weight of the roll rest right on top.

6.       Freshen Musty Closets: Do you have a muggy coat closet or linen closet? Simply place them in your linen closet or hang a couple dryer sheets in the back of the coat closet to help eliminate odors.

7.       Bug Repellent: Dryer sheets are perfect for repelling unwanted mosquitos and insects. Simply carry them in your pockets for an instant bug repellent!

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