7 Ways to Save Energy this Winter Season

Posted by Haley Waple on 11/9/2017 to DIY
7 Ways to Save Energy this Winter Season

1.       The sun is your friend!

a.       If you do not live in an extremely frigid region or receive a considerable amount of daylight, then consider opening up your curtains and exposing your home to the sun! Hello, this is free heat! Then close your window coverings when the sun goes down to keep heat inside.

2.       Bundle up

a.       Consider wearing extra layers or wrap yourself in a blanket (you may consider purchasing a heated blanket but those are not ideal for saving energy). If your home has carpet, you are well off. For those without carpet, you may want to consider purchasing a small area rug to help insulate your home.

3.       Celling Fans

a.       These are actually perfect for the summer and winter believe it or not! When your fan rotates clockwise it will trap heat inside to keep rooms warmer (turn this on the lowest setting).

4.       Thermostat

a.       Your thermostat should be set accordingly to when you are home and not home. The heat should be on at a higher setting when you’re home as opposed to when you are not. You can save 10 percent per year on your electrical bill by setting your thermostat down 10 -15 degrees for approximately eight hours.

5.       Furnace Maintenance

a.       Make sure your furnace and vents are taken care of prior to the cold months.  If your furnace and vents are blocked they have to work overtime to heat your home. Have your filter replaced if it is broken and clean it out monthly to save energy.

6.       Humidifiers are your friend

a.       Humidifiers are perfect for the cooler months to add moisture back into the air. Moist air feels warmer and actually holds the heat better. Humidifiers also help with allergies and your health! So setting your thermostat lower than usual will not be so bad if you own a humidifier.

7.       Properly insulate your home

a.       Proper insulation is key to a warm house. Heat can easily escape if your home is not insulated properly. Purchase some insulation and insulate all the areas in your home where you feel heat escapes.

Thanks for reading! How do you save home in the cooler months? Let us know in the comments below!

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