Appliance Myths That Waste Time And Money

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 10/20/2017 to Appliance Maintenance
Appliance Myths That Waste Time And Money

It’s that time of the year again! With Halloween right around the corner, we thought we’d bring you these appliance myths and debunk the truth out of them! Unfortunately, many homeowners have mistaken these myths for true when they are not and vice versa. No worries we are here to squeeze out the truth about these appliance myths! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Myth one: If you leave an appliance plugged in it will continue to use energy.

TRUE: Anything plugged in will use up energy; it is similar to a “Standby” associated with electronics. For example, standby means the electronic is off but even if it is turned off it keeps drawing power. Anything with a transformer (black boxes on power cords) draws power as long as it is plugged in. 

Myth Two: Washing dishes by hand uses less water than a dishwasher.


FALSE: Many homeowners believe this will help the environment and help reduce your water bill, but that is not that case! Modern dishwashers use about 1-2 kilowatt hours of energy and about four gallons of water. Think about how much water is being used when you wash your dishes by hand because the water is constantly running. Also, take into consideration how often you wash your dishes daily, this all adds up and in reality, you are wasting more water than you may think. 


Myth Three: The temperature control dial inside the fridge tells you how cold it is in there. 

FALSE: You need a thermometer in your refrigerator to accurately measure the temperature inside. If the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit bacteria could be growing or start to grow on your food. YEWW! 

Myth Four: My air conditioner can cool several rooms by setting up a fan. 

TRUE: Since air conditioners are meant to remove heat, it would be smart to blow hot air from others rooms into the room with the A/C unit because it will remove the heat.


Myth Five: Don’t put hot food in the fridge right after cooking it - let it cool first.

FALSE: The longer food is out on your countertop, the faster it becomes spoiled. Put leftovers into containers than into the fridge upon two hours after cooking it.


Myth Six: Running the self-cleaning cycle is all I need to do to clean my oven.

FALSE: The self-cleaning option is awesome for cleaning the inside of your range oven, but ranges need constant clean up. One of the most important parts on your range oven to clean is the vent hood filter which does not get cleaned by the self-cleaning option and should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the vent hood filter helps reduce a buildup of grease and debris. 


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