Baby Wipes Cleaning Hacks!

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 3/19/2019 to DIY

Cleaning hacks can be great information to absorb. Sometimes the best things to learn about is when you can use one product for multiple things. One instance are baby wipes. Baby wipes can be used for more than just what the packaging says. Read below to see what baby wipes can do for you.

There are multiple things baby wipes can be used for within the house for cleaning and other things.


  • Clean excess nail polish - this can help clean up the mess which may occur when painting your nails. Baby wipes can also be good to clean the nail before painting as well as moisturize the cuticle for better nails.

  • Remove makeup - Baby wipes can be a great way to remove makeup. They are a bit cheaper than regular makeup wipe brands

  • Toilet Paper Replacement - Don’t flush them down the toilet, but if you happen to run out of toilet paper, baby wipes can be used as a substitute for the time being

  • Fly away hairs - Keep those hairs controlled. Gently pat down a baby wipe to your hair and have the flyaway hairs still


  • Clean house plants - Wipe down the leaves of dusty house plants and they will look clean and good as new

  • Dusting - connect a baby wipe to the bottom of a broom and begin sweeping the hard to reach places

  • Light switches - light switches can get dirty and grimy, so gran a baby wipe and wipe down the switch. It also can take away some of the germs which may be hanging out

  • Handles - wipe down the fridge or oven handles to clean the dirt and grime that may be resting

On The Go

  • Beach - take the baby wipes on the road. Baby wipes can remove sand, tanning lotion, sunscreen, and salt water in just a few moments.

  • Yoga Mat - wipe down the yoga mat to keep the peculiar germs off of you

  • Cars - keep baby wipes in the car for an easy clean. They can wipe up dirt, spills and other things that may be keeping your car from being clean

  • Traveling - when traveling, almost everything seems unsanitary at pit stops or phone booths, etc. Keep baby wipes with you so you can wipe down the things which may give you a dirty feeling

Baby wipes can be used for more than people realize. Check it out and see what can work for you.

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