Basic Dryer Heat Circuit


Typical Electrical Dryer Heat Circuit

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Dryer Heat Circuit

As you can see from the diagram above current enters the dryer via Line-1 a 110 volt supply and exits via Line-2 another 110 Volt supply line. L1 is 180 degrees out of phase with L2. The result is that 220 volts is delivered to the heater generating approximately 4000 watts of heat. That's about 4 hair dryers working at the same time. Notice that the neutral wire is not used in the heat circuit.

Current flows through the timer heat contacts. Next it flows through the motor centrifugal switch contacts. These contacts only close when the motor comes up to speed thus ensuring that no current is delivered to the heater if the motor is not operating. Once the motor comes up to speed and the motor centrifugal switch contacts close the current passes through the control thermostat, then the safety thermostat through the heater and finally through the high limit thermostat and back out to the grid via Line 2

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