Best Ways to Clean Your Microwave (and Keep it Clean!)

Posted by Marissa Watroba on 3/6/2017 to Appliance Maintenance
Best Ways to Clean Your Microwave (and Keep it Clean!)

We use our microwave daily, most likely multiple times a day, and keeping the inside of it clean is important to make sure it works efficiently.  Spills and explosions happen easily when we are warming up food or beverages in the microwave, and in order to keep odors and permanent stains from happening, you should clean your microwave relatively often.  However, simply taking a sponge to a caked on food stain doesn’t really work unless you perform a few steps before. 

To easily clean the inside of your microwave start with these steps before you grab the sponge. Start by putting 1 cup of water into a microwave safe bowl.  Along with the water, place a chopped lemon, lime or orange inside the bowl.  Microwave the bowl for about 5-10 minutes, wait at least 10 minutes to let the bowl cool, and then take it out, with a towel or while wearing oven mitts as the bowl may still be hot.  The steam from heating up the water will help to loosen the caked on stains, and after you take the bowl out you will be able wipe out the stains with ease. If you don’t have any of the citrus fruit on hand, you can replace the chopped fruit for several tablespoons of vinegar instead and still get the same outcome. 

After cleaning the inside of the microwave, don’t forget to give the outside some attention.  To bring the shine back to your microwave, try spraying some rubbing alcohol on the surface and wipe with a paper towel.  You can use the rubbing alcohol on any of your appliances in your kitchen that are looking a little dull. 

Covering your food while it is in the microwave is the easiest way to prevent spills and splatters.  Store a microwave safe lid inside your microwave that you can use to cover up your food as soon as you put it in.  Paper plates and towels also can serve this purpose as well. 

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