Brighten and Whiten Laundry

Posted by Lien Pham on 11/10/2017 to DIY
Brighten and Whiten Laundry
Nothing is more depressing than putting on a white t-shirt only to notice that you have a stain. However, instead of tossing your stained whites in the trash you can follow these tips to get your white garments sparkling and crisp again.


The most common stain fighter is bleach. Hydrogen peroxide, oxygen bleach, and chlorine bleach can all fight stains through oxidation. 

Chlorine Bleach:
Chlorine bleach can be very damaging to some fabrics so make sure you use this with caution. Also, this type of bleach should only be used on cotton and not poly-blends. To use chlorine bleach, start your washer then proceed to add ¾ cup of chlorine with regular detergent. 

Non – Chlorine Bleach:
These types of bleaches are not as toxic as chlorine bleach. They typically do not work as fast as chlorine because but they are gentler and less damaging to fibers. Hydrogen peroxide can dissolve residue to bright and whiten your garments. To use oxygen bleach, submerge your whites into your non-chlorine based bleach to allow them to soak for 8 or more hours. After letting your garments soak, wash as usual using the hottest temperature. 

White Vinegar:
Vinegar softens fabrics and will bring life back into your clothes. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent that can be used for cleaning basically anything. To use vinegar, put in a half-a-cup of white distilled vinegar into the washer running with hot water.

Want to wash your clothes without any harsh chemicals? Try lemon juice. Lemon juice can actually bleach whites without harming the fibers of your garments. Use the hottest water that is safe for your clothes and mix in a half-a-cup of lemon juice to soak for an hour. Wash your clothes as usual and watch you stained clothes become brighter naturally

Borax helps reduces and remove stains from your clothes. This softens hard water by breaking down the molecules in the water to remove stains. To use borax, add 1/2/ cup of borax to the beginning of the wash cycle.

Dishwasher Soap:
Did you know that your dishwasher soap can actually fight those ugly stains? Dishwasher detergent works well to whiten your whites. To use dishwasher detergent all you have to do is mix in together with your regular laundry detergent and run a normal wash cycle. 

Aspirins are great for fighting headaches and even stains. These break down any yellowing on your whites. All you need is to dissolve five white aspirins into the water and soak your clothes for an hour or more, then proceed to throw them into the wash. 

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