Clean the Bathroom Efficiently

Posted by Katie Richardson on 12/13/2018 to DIY

We’ve all been there: getting ready for a winter get together with loved ones, making food and focusing on the kitchen. But you walk into the bathroom and realize you completely forgot to clean it! This is an essential space in your home, and with guests coming over in less than an hour, you need to get this room looking sparkling FAST. Follow these tips to clean your bathroom quickly and efficiently.

Start by removing everything loose from its place. Put all items from the shower, sinks, and other surfaces in a bin and set aside.

Spray cleaner (whatever you normally use) on the shower/bath, sinks and toilet surfaces. This will do most of the work for you if you let it soak for a few minutes.

Wipe down any other surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner or mild soap and a hot cloth.

Grab a broom and sweep the floor. Once done, go back to any surfaces you left cleaning solution on (the shower, sinks, etc.) and wipe them down. Rinse off the cleaner and gently scrub surfaces.

Mix up a solution of your preferred floor cleaner and hot water. While this is mixing, finish cleaning the vanity area and mirrors.

Finally, replace all the items that you removed from the surfaces. Take a second to put anything that was out as unnecessary clutter away elsewhere. Mop the floors with a mop and your hot cleaning mixture, and your job here is done! The floor will quickly dry, and then if you had an area rug or bath mat, you can replace that.

You’ll be done cleaning in record time, and the guests won’t even know that you almost forgot!  

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