Cleaning the Most Neglected Part of Your Home

Posted by Lien Pham on 9/29/2017 to Help
Cleaning the Most Neglected Part of Your Home

You can probably name a bunch of places around the house that you wipe down and clean often, but some areas around your house might have been forgotten. It is very easy to neglect certain areas that collect germs. 

Thanks to retailer Moshells, they created an infographic about all of those forgotten areas around your house. For example, bath mats should be washed every two weeks, pet bowls to be washed daily and even your curtains need to be cleaned every 2 weeks. This infographic shows how often you should give these neglected areas some attention.Using this chart will not only help you keep track of your cleaning but develop a routine that you can use to make your house cleaning for efficiently. 

Here we have listed some of the most neglected places that you should clean more often. 


Pet Bowls: Just like normal dishes, these should be washed daily because any unwashed food and water containers can make your furry friend sick.


Garbage Disposals: The disposal and the plastic ring can collect build up food and bacteria 

Kitchen Cabinets: The exterior of cabinets can collect grease, germs, and dirt over time from cooking. 

Every Two Weeks:

Curtains: These can actually collect dirt and start to smell so be sure to always vacuum your curtains gently. 

Pet Beds: Over time your pet bedding will have a buildup of hair, dandruff and even dirt.

Bath Mats: You probably never thought about it, but your bath mats will develop mildew especially if it is left damp for a while. 


Dishwasher: Your dishwasher’s purpose is to clean your dishes but don’t forget that even this cleaning powerhouse needs a monthly cleaning too! Food and dirt build up inside your dishwasher which can cause your appliance to smell and keeps dishes from being cleaned. 

Children Toys: The last thing you ever want is to have your kids sick from playing with their dirty toys. Often small children like to put objects into their mouths, which means bacteria can build up. In order to prevent your children who are susceptible to getting sick make sure to put any toys in the wash or wipe them down. 

Every Two Months:

Trash Can: Trash cans carry the most germs because that’s where we throw our waste. They can build up bacteria and old food spills so be sure to rinse out your trash can every 2 months. 

Ceiling Fan: Over time dust can accumulate on top of your fan blade. This can cause dust to spread faster around the room. According to Moshells’s guide, fill a large bag with white vinegar and put the bag on each blade then wipe down with a cloth. 


Dryer Vents: Don’t set your house on fire by neglecting your dryer. Dryers are one of the top causes of house fires. In order to avoid fires, be sure to clean your dryer by removing lint inside the vent cavity. 

Behind and Under the Fridge: This prevents any damage to the floor by cleaning underneath and behind your refrigerator. Sometimes dust will build up on the coils and food and even ice will fall underneath the fridge.

Thanks for reading! We hope this blog post will help you keep track of the most neglected areas around your home! 

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