Cleaning Plush Toys

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 1/28/2019 to DIY

Since the flu season is still in the air, do you want to clean your childs plush toys? Here's how!

Plush toys are tricky to clean. There is a process on figuring out whether the stuffed animal can be washed in the washer or not.

Animals that are or include:

  • Music boxes

  • Old

  • Fragile

  • Glued on items such as sequins

  • Fragile or delicate clothing items

  • Filled inside with small foam balls

Cannot be washed in the washer.

Stuffed animals that can be washed in the washer should still be washed delicately. They usually shouldn’t be placed in a washer with an agitator. If the animal can be washed, place it in some sort of mesh bag to keep the special friend from snagging or being beaten up.

When washing them, make sure the cycle is on low or delicate and stay away from hot water. Warm and cold are fine. After the animal is washed, hang it dry.

Other than the washing machine, there is always hand washing. Take a little bit of soap and warm water and wash gently with the gentle side of a sponge or a gentle brush. Once complete, wring out as much water as you can and place in direct sunlight or hang dry as well.

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