Cleaning the Bedroom can Ease the Mind: Part One

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 7/4/2018 to DIY

Cleaning the bedroom is probably one of the most put off rooms to clean. Bedrooms get to the point where there is not even a place to walk. There are a few tips to cleaning that messy room that will actually make it cleaner longer as well as making the bedroom a relaxing and serene place to unwind after a long and stressful day.

Bedrooms are meant to be relaxing, however, for those who have a desk in the bedroom, take it out immediately. The desk can become cluttered with unneeded paperwork and junk that will just bring the anxiety to a high; therefore, the desk has to go.

Remove the random garbage. Having random garbage just sit on the dresser or tv stand can add clutter and anxiety. So gather up the random things that don’t have a place and sort through it. Garbage, recycle, donate and store.

Books that have been read or not touched should go. Having books in the room can be okay, but having them sit there collect dust will only add to the clutter and cleaning cycle. Move them out and put them somewhere where they will be appreciated such as the living room, kitchen or a bookcase.

Clothes that are never worn should be donated. There are clothes in everyone closet that are bought, worn once and then never seeing the light outside the closet again. Go through the clothes in the closet and dresser and really think if it will ever be worn again. If not, donate it. It will clean up the closet and make more room for the other clothes that are actually worn.

The overflowing laundry basket. This should not be in the bedroom. Thinking about laundry itself can clutter the mind so put the basket  in the bathroom, in the hall or in the walk-in closet if there is one.

With these few tips, the bedroom should stay cleaner longer. It helps to declutter the room as well as having a stress free space to wind down after a long day or week.

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