Clever Ways to Use Clothespins

Posted by Haley Waple on 1/25/2018 to DIY
Clever Ways to Use Clothespins

Here are some clever ways to use clothespins.

1.      Line Drying

Alright, this may not be a creative way to use clothespins, but this is what they were designed for. They are perfect for line drying just about anything.

2.      Display Art

You can use clothespins to easily display your children’s or your own art work.

3.      Clothespin Ornaments

These are perfect for the holidays, don’t you agree? You can make Rudolph or even a snowflake.

4.      Keep your gloves together

Especially during these cold winter months your gloves are bound to go missing at some point or you have one glove and not the other. Use the clothespin to keep your gloves together!

5.      Mark your page on a book

Use can use a clothespin to hold pages on a book. This is perfect to hold pages together if you’re reading while working out or even cooking.

6.      Food Bag Clips

Clothespins are perfect for reclosing bags of potato chips, crackers, cookies, etc.

7.      Grip a nail

Hammer the nail and not your fingers! Use the clothespins to hold nails when hammering in hard-to-reach places

8.      Make yourself a clothespin mirror

Spice up your home with a clothespin mirror. You can find how to make this on Pinterest.

9.      Place Card holders

Perfect for a wedding, party, or special event. You can use them to table the table number or name.

10.  Send someone a message

You can get really crafty and use clothespins to send someone a message. It’s a unique way to express your love to someone (perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up) or you can send an invitation!

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How do you use your clothespins? Let us know in the comment section below.

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