Colored Appliance That Beat Stainless Steel!

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 9/8/2017 to Help
Colored Appliance That Beat Stainless Steel!

Jenn-Air Oiled Bronze

At first look, it looks like someone paneled the fridge using plywood like on the basement walls in the 1970’s. But in the right kitchen setting, the bronze color can match neutral colored cabinets, or light brown marble on your kitchen counters. This color can make your kitchen have a calm, relaxing tone with a splash of modern design by using similar colors but at different variations. This color would be best for kitchens that are more open and have a lot of windows for exposure of light.


GE Slate

For those who are hesitant about changing the color scheme of your kitchen layout should choose GE Slate because it is similar to stainless steel, but it is a matte color and darker. Slate is just as stylish as stainless but with an earthy feel and sophistication, also fewer fingerprint marks are left on the refrigerator! This is a simple color that can change a lot about your kitchen because it’s modern and a timeless beautiful blend!

 GE Artistry

To target millennials, GE designed artistry appliances for first-time home buyers. This modern generation is looking for retro and throwback designs. This reinvented look goes well will millenniums because they are edgy, trendy, and the “entry-level” price tag will appeal to them.

Whirlpool Ice Collection

As said before, white is the biggest color trend for refrigerators, whirlpool changed the texture of their refrigerators. From the textured white or black, being very bumpy and easy to touch-up imperfections, but they changed the texture to simply sleek. Using elegant modern colors with metallic finishes gives the refrigerator a modern and edgy look.


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