Different Ways to Use Ice Cubes Around the House

Posted by Shelby Cohan on 6/21/2018 to DIY
Different Ways to Use Ice Cubes Around the House

Imagine this; it’s a hot summer day and you poor yourself a tall glass of lemonade then go outside to enjoy the nice weather. But what makes the lemonade so refreshing? More than likely it’s the fact that it's ice cold! Everyone knows the common uses for ice like to cool down a drink or used in an injury but there are more uses for ice that aren’t so obvious!

Watering hard to reach plants

If you have some high up hanging plants or just some plants in an inconvenient area, you can use ice cubes to help out with watering them. The ice will melt and water the plant without causing any sort of leaking from the watering can.

Removing gum from clothing

Getting gum stuck on anything, especially clothing, is really a pain. Before totally scrapping the clothing item try use ice to remove the gum. Stick the ice over the affected area and this will cause the gum to harden making it easier to remove. This trick will also work on some other fabric items other than clothing!

Cleaning your garbage disposal

When the garbage disposal needs cleaning the smell can almost be unbearable. To help get rid of some of the left over grease lingering in the disposal, throw some ice cubes down and turn it on. The grease will cling to the ice and say bye-bye!

Taking some yucky medicine

No one likes taking medicine, especially kids. Use ice to momentarily numb your tongue to mask the taste of unpleasant liquid medicine.

Help remove wrinkles

Leaving the house in wrinkly clothes can be embarrassing. Help the ironing process by rubbing an ice cube over the wrinkly area right before you iron it and the wrinkles will vanish

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