Dishwasher Maintenance You Should Be Keeping Up With

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 2/16/2016

Keeping your dishwasher up and running in good working condition can easily be done when you keep up with routine maintenance. It’s important to make repairs when needed, so that you can get the most use out of your unit and avoid even bigger issues that can arise when you don’t.  

                Over time the plastic coating on your dishrack may wear off leading to corrosion and rust. You can relieve the issue and protect yourself and your dishes with rack caps. Rack caps are plastic tubes that fit over the posts of the dishrack to conceal rusting spikes. They are convenient and easy to apply. If you only have a few posts that are rusting, buying a few rack caps may be the way to go.

                If your dishwasher gets used regularly, you may not experience too many issues with odor and mold, but giving it a good clean every once in a while will ensure that you don’t. Running a cup of white vinegar through an empty cycle will remove all the film created from the dish soap.

                The dishwasher spray arm is what distributes the water during the rinsing cycles. If they become clogged, they can’t do as good of a job cleaning your dishes. To remove debris that has accumulated in the spray arms, you must first remove them from the unit. Once you have removed the spray arms, fill a bucket or sink with hot water and then place the spray arms in. Add one cup of white vinegar and soap to the water and let them soak until the debris has loosened. Remove the arms from the water and using your choice of cotton swabs, toothpicks, or tweezers, remove all the debris from the small holes. Be sure you rinse the arms thoroughly after you have finished, and then you can put them back in place inside your dishwasher.

                By taking care of your dishwasher and fixing it if and when needed, you can expect to have it for a lot longer. If you are in need of a replacement part for your unit, they can be found on our website here:

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