Door Reversal GE Dryer

How To Reverse The Door On A GE Dryer

Use the following instructions to reverse the door on GE dryers that match the GE front loading washer

With the dryer door open, begin by loosening the top hinge screw. Only loosen it by about 3 turns. Then remove the other four screws from the top down. Be sure to support the door with your hand when removing the last screw. Rest the door on a sturdy, flat surface covered by a clean cloth. Next remove all ten screws that surround the door fastening the inner and outer door panels together. There should be four on the top, four on the bottom, and two on the side. Separate the panels placing the outer panel andhandle aside. Flip the inner panel over and remove the two hinge screws located on the side where the handle is. Lift the inner door assembly out of the inner door panel. On the opposite side of the door, remove the two hinge cover screws. Next remove the hinge cover and window retainer and install the door hinge on the other side of the door. Install the two outer door hinge screws. Rotate the door and install the window retainer, hinge cover, and two screws. Next flip the door over and install the two screws oneach side of the door. These screws fasten the window retainer and hinge to the inner door panel. These two parts secure the glass to the inner door panel as well. Now place the outer door panel together with the inner door panel. Then reinstall the six screws around the perimeter of the inner door panel. Next prepare the cabinet for the newly assembled door by removing the five door hinge plugs on the dryer. Use a plastic prying tool or a screwdriver covered with vinyl tape to prevent damage to the painted surface. Next switch the door strike and filler plate located on each side of the dryer door panel. Place one screw in the top door hinge hole and tighten it about two turns. Then hang the door on the hinge by this one screw. Align the hinge with the other holes and install the other remaining four screws. Next install the five plastic door hinge plugs into the remaining screw holes. Once complete, close the door and check it for alignment.

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