4 Steps to a Sustainable Laundry Room

Posted by Maddie Taggart on 7/21/2020 to DIY
4 Steps to a Sustainable Laundry Room

Washing your laundry has a larger effect on the environment than you may think. From wasting water to the products used to wash your clothes, your laundry room can have a huge impact on the planet. However, being more sustainable is simple and affordable. Small changes like using your washer more efficiently or just swapping your products can help the environment. Follow these simple steps to easily help the environment from your laundry room.

Hand Washing Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 1/21/2019 to DIY

When it comes to laundry, sometimes certain items need to be hand washed instead of thrown in the washer or dryer. For many people, they wouldn’t even know where to begin in this situation. Below will be a few tips to keep in mind when having to hand wash certain clothing items.

Fabric Softener v. Dryer Sheets

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 1/14/2019 to Dryer

When it comes to clothing certain questions always seem to surface in the cleaning process. Clothing should be treated right so they must be cleaned right so people become curious. The question which will be discussed further is “What is the difference between fabric softener and dryer sheets?”

What Do Those Laundry Symbols Actually Mean?

Posted by Shelby Cohan on 11/12/2018 to Dryer
What Do Those Laundry Symbols Actually Mean?

Everyone’s been there; you go to wash an item of clothing but when you look at the laundry tag you have no idea what those symbols mean.  Appliance Parts Experts is here to help you out. Below is a quick guide to deciphering those symbols and gets your laundry done in a flash!

House Fire Prevention

Posted by Katie Richardson on 10/25/2018 to Appliance Maintenance

While the colder months should be a celebratory time, full of decadent food and loved ones, it is also the time of year that sees the highest number of house fires. It is important to follow these necessary precautions in your home to keep everyone safe...

Naturally Scent Your Laundry

Posted by Maddie Taggart on 7/23/2018 to DIY
Everybody loves taking their clothes out of the washing machine or dryer and getting a whiff of a clean, fresh scent. However, some detergents and dryer sheets are full of harmful chemicals. Using natural ingredients from vinegar to essential oils are much better options than the store-bought alternatives.

How To Keep Your Black Clothes From Fading

Posted by Nina Harlach on 6/18/2018 to DIY
How To Keep Your Black Clothes From Fading

One of the biggest qualms people tend to have with buying black clothing is that the crisp, fresh black color doesn’t tend to stick around for too long after going through the washer and dryer a few times.  Well, worry no more.  Here is a list of several tips that should help you out in the laundry room with this common issue. 

Master Cleaning Guide

Posted by Haley Waple on 4/26/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
Master Cleaning Guide
Not sure when or how often you should clean your appliances? Have no fear, you have come to the right blog. Every appliance gets dirty over time and luckily there is a cleaner that makes your appliance squeaky clean. Follow our master Affresh cleaning guide to make your cleaning process easier and save yourself some time while you’re at it.
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