Drying Fabrics 101

Posted by Lien Pham on 5/11/2018 to DIY
Drying Fabrics 101

The one “adulting” thing that people tend to find the hardest to do is to properly dry their clothes. If you are guilty of shoving everything that can fit into one load, then you might have come across one or more of your clothes being ruined. Whether you separate your darks from your lights, do you hang dry or dry all of your clothes in the dryer? Here are some fabrics that are safe to put in your dryer and fabrics you might want to hang dry or take to the cleaner.

Fabrics NOT to dry:


Cashmere is one of those fabrics that can be washed but not dried in the dryer. Any heat applied to this fabric will cause it to lose its shape.

Embellished items: 

Do you have any fancy clothes that have beads, sequins or even writing on it that can potentially melt and fall apart? Any embellished clothing should be taken to your local dry cleaner or hanged dry.


Lace is very delicate and can potentially rip in the dryer from rubbing or snagging on other clothes. It is best to hang dry any lace items.


Any garment/clothing with a high percentage cannot be dried and should be hung up.


Rayon is in-between synthetic and a natural fabric which is prone to shrinking and can possibly stretch. If you want to maintain the shape and size of your clothes, you should consider hanging them after the wash.


Any polyurethane or pleather aka polyester and leather items will peel and crack in the dryer.


Wool will shrink in the dryer. Wash your wool clothing items in cold water and lay them flat to dry.


Fabrics that can be dried:


Acrylic has the ability to build up static which should be dried used on the lowest possible heat. This will avoid you from getting shocked from your clothing!


If it is 100% well then there’s a 100% chance your shirt may come out smaller than you thought! If you are concerned about shrinking your cotton clothing, dry your clothing on low heat.


This fabric can be found in athletic apparel, skirts, jackets even some suits! It is dryer safe but be sure it’s on a cool setting


Be sure to dry on low heat to avoid unwanted creases. Watch out for the static build up!


Polyester can be found in arrange of different clothing apparel. You can dry polyester clothing items on the low heat setting.


Sometimes you can get away with washing and drying silk. To be 100% positive be sure to check the clothing care label.



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