Easy Ways to Keep the Kitchen Counter Clean

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 7/18/2018 to DIY

There are a lot of ways to keep the kitchen counters clean, but it seems pretty difficult to find what is just right. There is a way to keep the kitchen counter organized to the point where it looks clean and would be able to clean with little to no effort.

Hanging basket

Having a hanging basket can add a classic modern feel to the kitchen. Depending on the type that is purchased, it can be used to hold more than just food. It could hold ingredients, random kitchen supplies that don’t have a place, or remotes if there is a television in there.


If there is a place, move the microwave down lower where it can slide into like a drawer. This will clean up the counter and still be easy to reach.

Cutting boards

Cutting boards are used a lot so they have to be at an easy place that isn’t the kitchen counter. They can slide into a drawer or strap them onto a cabinet door. Since they’re flat they won’t take up a lot of space or keep from the door closing.

Hanging Organizer

An organizer in the pantry is a great way to store the smaller items such as cans, jars and other items. Using this creates space for the larger items such as the crockpot or the large utensil holder.

Hanging Utensils

If there is wall space, hang the utensils right where they are needed such as about the oven. If there are too many to hang or the utensils hanging makes it look cluttered then stick them in the pantry if there is the hanging organizer


If your out shopping for an island, buy one that has open storage so there is more space for other items that don’t fit anywhere else. This will keep the must-haves in one place instead of scrambled throughout the kitchen.

All of these items can keep the kitchen counter looking clean as well as it might help the kitchen be a little bit more organized than before.

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