Even More Holiday Hacks!

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 12/17/2018 to DIY

The Holiday season is in full swing at this point. Some holiday hacks were discussed before, buy might as well learn about some news ones for next year or some inspiration for a room that doesn’t look quite complete to you. Read below for some ideas!

Hot Glue Gun - If there are bricks in the house and you want to string some lights onto them, use a hot glue gun. The glue will not damage the brick, and they’re easy to remove once the holiday clean up begins.

Command Hooks - Instead of using nails to hang lights or wreaths, grab some command hooks.

Pumpkins - If pumpkins are still good since Halloween, paint them white and throw a Santa hat on it to spice up the outside.

Hot Chocolate -  No powder in the house? Grab some nutella and stir in one scoop with warm milk.

Knives -  If the knives seem dull this season, grab a coffee mug and scrape the knife against the rough edges on the bottom of the mug.

Gift Shopping - Not sure what to get someone this close to the holidays? Have them guess two to three times what you could have bought them and then you have ideas to go off of.

Stomach ache -  If you overate this holiday season of too much food or goodies, hop in the shower for 15 to 20 minutes and just have the water hit you. This will relieve the ache having you ready for the next festivity.

Smiling - If you feel unhappy or sad at some point this season, but you want to feel happy, smile for 60 seconds and this will trigger the endorphins within your brain.

Directions - Instead of just sending directions, send a picture of the house from the street so guests know what they are looking for when driving on busy streets in the holidays this year.

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