Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Wine Fridge

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 10/27/2017 to DIY
Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Wine Fridge

Let’s face it, wine is always in season and if you’re a wine lover you would love a wine fridge and probably need one. Most people prefer to drink wine comfortably at home rather than at a restaurant or bar. It has become a trend where homeowners consume wine on a daily basis with their dinner. If you are one to drink wine at their home, you may want to consider getting a wine fridge! We will be talking about everything you should know before getting a wine fridge and maybe this post will push you over the edge to purchase a wine fridge!

Is it time to invest in a wine fridge?

Depending on the amount of wine you consume and the temperature of where you live, you may not need to purchase a wine fridge. On the other hand, if you have 20-30 bottles of wine lying around your home, it’s time to get a wine fridge. If your home is built to keep storage temperature stable you may not need one, but if your home has a tough time keeping warm air out, you may want to purchase a wine fridge because on one wants warm wine! Make sure you place your wine fridge where it can access fresh air to minimize humidity and maintain temperature.   

What are the benefits of owning a wine fridge?

The benefits of owning a wine fridge are that you would be able to keep it at a constant and ideal temperature so you can pop open a bottle of wine anytime! Yeah you can just put the wine you’re your refrigerator, but your refrigerator is too cold and doesn’t contain enough humidity. Wine fridges provide the ideal setting for storing wine because it is stable, not exposed to heat or bright lights. If you are very particular about your wine, a wine fridge is ideal because storing wine in your home for a couple weeks makes the wine taste dried out and dead. No one wants to dry out wine especially if it was expensive because good wine tends to be.

What to consider when purchasing a wine fridge

There are a couples things to consider before purchasing a wine fridge, besides the pricing, you should consider the physical appearance of the wine fridge. Here are a couple of aspects to look out for when purchasing.

Size and Space – Think about where you want to put your wine fridge and where it would best fit. Also, consider how many bottles of wine you have and if you want to expand your collection. Considering this you can determine what size wine fridge you need.

Noise Level – Some wine fridges are noisier than others so ask someone for help to know which ones are less-noisy. Noisy wine fridges can be distracting in smaller homes and where you put the fridge can determine how noisy it will be. For example, if you built it into your cabinets, it won’t be as noisy.

Hardware – Some wine fridges are made with fancy wooden racks, while others are made with stainless steels racks. The only difference between these two types is the style and personal preference.

Humidity Control – This is important for long-term storage, keep the humidity level above 50 percent but below 70 percent.

Temperature Option – The cool thing about some wine fridges is that some come equipped with two separate temperature zones. This could be used for different types of wine that you may want to store at different temperatures. However, these types of wine fridges are more prone to breaking down than the others. 

Thanks for Reading! We hope these tips about wine fridges will help you pick one out! 

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