Find Your Model Number

Appliance Model Sticker or Tag

Find your appliance's model number printed on a paper sticker tag, like the one above, located on your appliance. Your model number can be just number or made up of numbers and letters. It's important to get the entire model number copied down exactly as you see it on the tag or sticker. 

Do  not use the model number off of your appliance's manual, as it might not be the correct model number for the appliance that is in your home. The manual or guide could be used for  different model types of that appliances, so always find the model number tag and go by that.

Below are the different places to look for it on different appliance types. 

Air Conditioner (Window)

  • Top of the unit in the cool air exhaust port
  • Side of the unit
  • Behind the front grill

Air Conditioner (Central)

  • Located on exterior panel near electrical


  • Behind door on the edge of unit
  • Side of control panel
  • Upper left side of interior
  • Back of unit


  • Behind water reservoir
  • Behind control panel
  • Side or back of unit


  • Inside wall of either food or freezer door
  • Cabinet door jamb
  • Behind crisper drawer
  • Behind the kickplate
  • Back of refrigerator

Dryer - Electric

  • Upper back corner
  • Cabinet frame inside door
  • Front side of cabinet

Dryer Gas

  • Behind front access panel

Stove, Range and Oven

  • Underside of fuse cover (electric)
  • Underneath top burners
  • Lower left hand area of oven
  • Door jamb area of lower storage drawer
  • Outside bottom area of cabinet

Freezer - Upright

  • Behind kick plate
  • Door jamb

Freezer - Horizontal

  • Near top on the back
  • Inside wall
  • Right or left hand side of freezer

Washing Machine - Top Loader

  • Upper left in back
  • Back of control panel
  • Inside of washer lid area
  • Lower left corner in front

Washer - Front Loader

  • Inside the door, on back
  • Top of control panel
  • Kick panel area
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