First Thanksgiving Tips!

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 11/19/2018 to DIY

Thanksgiving is here! The festivities and the day of cooking is upon us. Although it can be a stressful day, it is a fun filled day full of family and friends, but is this your first time cooking? No worries, here is a list of things to keep in mind when being a first time cook as we head into the Thanksgiving week!

  1. Don’t go overboard. A lot of people believe they need to make 20 different sides, but you don’t need too. Make the basics and make it as simple as possible. Also, don’t be afraid to ask a guest to bring something as well, no matter how small it is. I’m sure they would be thrilled to add to the feast that they will be partaking in.

  2. Try a test run. This may sound silly, but make the dinner before the important day. This will help you iron out and wrinkles within your recipes. You’ll know how much time it takes to create everything as well as any last minute things that you wanted to add, but maybe didn’t have in the house. It’ll be beneficial in the long run. Besides, leftovers are the best part.

  3. Cook what you know first so you have more time to accomplish that tasks that you may not have had done before.

  4. Create a menu. When you have the menu, then cut it in half. Being overly ambitious on the first time you’re making Thanksgiving dinner can be more stressful and not as enjoyable. Again, make what you know then try one or two different recipes if need be.

  5. Make some of the items before hand. The certain sides, such as cranberries, or any items that can be made the day before will really help when it comes to time. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to set the table the night before either. This will also give you more time to relax throughout the day. Kids? Have them make name tags so there isn’t that awkward walk around the table when the guests arrive.

  6. Prep. If there are certain items that can be prepped the day before, do it. Chop the vegetables and make a time card. This may sound very strict, but having a time of when things should be done and ready will honestly make Thanksgiving day so much easier.

  7. The question, “can I bring anything?” Have people bring desert. Even though this may seem fairly simple to do yourself, when the day comes, it will take more pressure off than you can believe.

  8. Really, say yes when people offer to bring something. Something a lot of people forget when it comes to Thanksgiving are drinks. People are so focused on food that sometimes people forget the drinks to go along with it. Have a specialty drink, wine, etc. Also, if people offer to bring something, it means they are more than comfortable bringing something, so say yes.

  9. Cooking can run long, so invite people into the kitchen, so you’re not left out. You have helping hands just in case and the family festivities are still on.

  10. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes will happen and everyone will understand. Just laugh it off and know what to do differently the next year.

These tips will help create a fun filled, family loving, day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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