Five mistakes people make when using their washing machine

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 9/28/2017 to Appliance Maintenance
Five mistakes people make when using their washing machine

There are many common mistakes homeowners make when using their washing machine but homeowners usually don’t even know that those mistakes are causing their appliance to underperform! Unless you never wear the same outfit twice, laundry is a very common “chore” everyone has to do. Prevent your washing machine from breaking down or prevent damage by avoiding these common errors.

Forgetting to clean out the dispensers

This is as important as removing lint from your drying machine after every use. After completing a load of laundry, wipe down the detergent and/or fabric softener. If you do not do this it will result in a build-up that could cause a clog.

Overloading the washer                                                                                                 

Yeah you may think adding one or two more pieces of clothing won’t harm your clothes or the washing machine but it does. Overstuffing your washer makes the machine work too hard and adds unnecessary wear on it as well as excessive energy use. Also, detergent residue could be left behind on your clothes which attracts more dirt the next time you wear it.

Not emptying your pockets

You may not think the only consequence for not emptying out your pockets is losing loose change or damaging an electronic device. Think again! Items that are non-clothing can clog the water drain especially a piece of gum or something sticky causes twice amount of damage. The damage that can be done to the inner parts of the washer can cause your appliance to not work as well or even break down.

Using too much detergent

More detergent is not always the answer and it does not make your clothes “cleaner”, it actually leaves your clothes stiff and sudsy. Also, adding more detergent means more subs which can cause your washer to overflow. An excess amount of detergent causes your washer to work more. If you have a high-efficiency washer it requires even less soap. If you notice your clothes have soap residue on them or if you look inside your washer and see that it needs a good clean, use this washer cleaner that you can get on our website.


Not removing your clothes right away

Sometimes you don’t have time to stay home and wait for your washer to finish its cycle. Forgetting your clothes in your washer may not seem like it would have any effect besides your clothes starting to smell bad, but there is a large amount of moisture in your washer after a complete cycle. The moisture provides the perfect environment for mildew and mold to grow. YEW! Also, it is a good idea to leave the washer lid or door open after its used so the inside can dry.


Thanks for reading! We hope this blog post will help you fix common washing machine mistakes you may not know about!

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