Gas Oven Won't Heat

WARNING: Before checking or testing any parts, be sure to disconnect your range from its power source completely and shut off the gas.

1.)    Check your gas supply

This is a simple check that could save you a lot of trouble shooting. If you can identify which parts are receiving gas or not, you can narrow down the problem.

2.)    Check the burner tube

You should check this part for any openings or holes on the tube that can prevent proper heating. You’ll have to replace this part if it is worn or burned through.

3.)    Determine your ignition system

A pilot light has a gas supply tube with a small flame hole. If the pilot light is out; try starting it with a match or a lighter for a few seconds. The thermocouple is probably defective or broken if the light goes out when the flame is removed.

4.)    Safety Valve

The safety valve may be defective or broken if when turning on the oven you have little to no flames. 

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