Get Rid of Those Cooking Smells

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 3/11/2019 to DIY

Cooking can always be an enjoyable activity, but want to know what isn’t fun about cooking? The lingering smell that acquires throughout the process. Some foods don’t smell up the house; however, others such as onions or garlic can leave a leftover smell drifting throughout the house. Don’t worry! Below are a few tips to make sure the cooking smells don’t stay within the house.

  1. When cooking times does begin, closing the bedroom and closet doors can help prevent the spreading of cooking smells throughout the house. Since fabric usually absorbs grease and other odors, keeping the doors closed will help because your clothing won’t smell and the blankets and sheets won’t be absorbing the cooking smells

  2. If you know you are going to be cooking something that may have a lingering smell, figure out a way to ventilate. When cooking something with smells, getting that air out is important. Opening doors, windows and turning on the fan above the oven, if there is one, is the best thing to do in order to ventilate out the bad cooking smells.

  3. When finished cooking, clean up. There could be food splatters and oil left in a pan, so the best thing to do is to clean up after your done.

  4. When everything is all cleaned up, to battle the cooking smells once and for all, leave a bowl of baking soda or coffee grounds out on the counter for the night. This will finish the job by absorbing the cooking smells for a fresh start the next day.

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