Getting Your Oven Ready for Fall Baking Season!

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 9/22/2017 to Appliance Maintenance
Getting Your Oven Ready for Fall Baking Season!

As warm air begins to diminish and fall breezes begin to roll in, you can already smell the pumpkins and apple pies being baked! That’s why it is so important to prepare for the baking season and to make sure your oven is well maintained and ready for a heavy workload of baking! Join us as we go through quick and easy cleaning and maintenance tips for your oven as well as ways to prevent build up! 

The inside of your oven contains burnt food particles and other gross substances which is the last place you want to clean. Cleaning your oven can be very easy and we have an oven cleaning recipe using baking soda which makes it much easier for greasy debris and food particles to come off! 



  • Baking soda
  • Aluminum foil
  • Towels
  • Dish soap
  • Windex
  • Rubber gloves (optional)


The first thing to do is check the inside of the oven to see if there are pots or pans inside and remove them. Then, run the self-cleaning selection if your oven has it, this is optional but it will give you a head start on cleaning your oven. After you have done that, make a paste with baking soda and water and make sure the texture is consistent with yogurt. Next, open your oven door and remove the racks and use a vacuum to suck up and debris from your oven. Then, rub the paste all over the surface and make sure you get it in all the cracks and nooks. Let the paste sit for an hour and clean the racks while you wait. Now comes the hardest part, scrubbing, instead of using a sponge ball up a sheet of aluminum foil and use that to get stubborn stains off your oven walls and floor. After you have done that, wipe your oven down with a damp towel. The last thing to do is use Windex or dish soap and water in a spray bottle to spray the inside of the oven and give it one last wipe down for a sparkly clean finish!

 Maintenance Tips


Clean the exterior weekly: use mild soap and a soft cloth to prevent a large amount of build- up for when you have to deep clean your oven.

Avoid leaving heavy items on the door: heavy objects on the door will cause it to wear out.

Check the oven door seal to avoid escaping heat: slide a dollar bill between the door and the jam to see if it slides in smoothly if it does not that means the oven isn’t sealing properly.

Check temperature accuracy: every couples months, use an oven thermometer to ensure the cabinet is as has as the readout says it is. If there is a difference, the controls need to be recalibrated or the thermostat is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

We hope this post will help you get your oven ready for apple pie and cider donut baking! Keep a look out for an exclusive post closer to 

Thanksgiving about deep cleaning your oven for the holidays! Thanks for reading!

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