Guide to a Clean and Organized Garage

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 10/13/2017 to DIY
Guide to a Clean and Organized Garage

Garages are either used to keep your car protected from the outdoor environment or it is used to store possessions that are either too large or rarely used. Many homeowners don’t use their garage for their cars and let’s face it everyone has items that need to be stored and just do not fit anywhere inside your home. Below we will inform you how to declutter your garage by organizing all items in bins, organize your garage as a whole and installing storage systems that will create extra space in your garage. With these simple organizing methods, you can organize your garage and ensure there will be room for your cars and your storage!!

Where to Begin?

The first thing to consider is timing because this process will take a couple weeks if you want to do it properly and ensure that it will stay that way. There are three main steps to this process and each will take a couple of days up to a week. The first being, categorizing your items in bins to donate, sell, keep them and so on. Next, is to declutter your garage by finding the perfect spot for every item. Lastly, is to create excess storage in your garage like wall hanging systems and others that will be mentioned.

Organize everything into six buckets

The best way to do this is by clearing out your garage then using six labeled bins to categorize where your items should go. This will help you determine which items you need and which items are just taking up space.

Sell Items

This bin is for items that you don’t need anymore but still have monetary value, so don’t just throw them out! Selling your items is a tedious step to this process but it helps you earn some cash, save the environment by recycling and most likely save someone who can’t afford to pay full price for that type of item. The best way to sell items is to list them on craigslist or even Facebook because you will get better offers than if you were to have a garage sale.

Donate Items

This bin will help people in need by donating unneeded items to your local shelter or thrift store. Yet again you will be saving the environment by reducing landfill and helping out people who really need it! Phone into the shelter to make sure they accept the items you are offering.

Freebie Items

The easiest way to get rid of freebie items is the free section on craigslist if what you are offering is of value or at least not an old bed, someone will be eager to show up at your door and pick the items up. This is another way to recycle your items rather than throwing them out.

Discard Items

This bin will contain items that cannot be sold, donated or given away and belong in the trash. Before throwing the items out, take off the recyclable parts if there are any.

Items to keep in the house/yard and garage

This last bin is everything you know you want to keep in and around your house/garage. These items can be holiday decorations, winter clothing, household items and more.

Declutter your Garage 

Find better homes for your belonging, below is a short list of items and where they should be kept.

Hazardous bottles and liquids: Paint, gasoline and other dangerous liquids can be stored in a shed away from the house.

Magnetic video recordings: Videotapes can be kept in a dry cool place like the bottom shelf of a TV stand.

Non-Perishable foods: If you don’t have room in your pantry, food can be stocked in the hallway closet or in storage bins.

Clothing and accessories: Clothing can develop mold and mildew, therefore, should be placed in the upper part of a bedroom closet or anywhere in your house.

Antique memorabilia: Photographs and documents can be put into a desk or a photo album.

Garage Storage

This step will take longest because it involves building a storage system in your garage but with wall, ceiling and shelving systems you can create room where there is none!

Wall Hanging Systems

The old days of pegboard and hooks holding up your tools are long past us and these modern hanging systems are more space saving. Monkey bars are meant to get every item off your garage floor and the tempered steel bars/hooks are adaptable if you need to change positions of it. Rubbermaid FastTrack is a simple method involving short steel rails and metal hooks strong enough to hold shovels, racks and other heavy items. These hanging systems use the walls of your garage to create storage in an organized matter.

Ceiling Hanging Systems

Strong racks are convenient because if you don’t want to carry heavy boxes up a ladder to the ceiling racks, these racks are brought down to the user. At the push of a button, wire platforms ascend and descend from the ceiling and are strong enough to hold heavy items like bikes, spare tires and more.

Shelving Systems

There are two common types of shelving, gladiator rack shelving which are steel rack shelves that can hold up to 2,000 pounds and Uline Storage which can hold up to 1,200 pounds. The main difference between these two shelving systems is that the Uline can accommodate smaller items that may fall through the steel wire rack shelves like the gladiator racks have.


After going through these steps, every day will feel better because a clean and organized garage is a de-stressor in life and it frees you to concentrate on other aspects of your life that are more important. Don’t forget that this project will take a few weeks so make sure you have time to complete it or it will make you more stress than you were before!

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