Holiday Hacks

Posted by Jessica Zoldowski on 12/10/2018 to DIY

It’s that time of year for the Holidays. Decorating is already happening and there are some simple ideas that can make decorating seem a bit more fun.

  1. Green Garland or Tinsel - add this to the Christmas Tree to make it appear more full.

  2. Wrapping Paper - It seems wrapping paper is always thrown around so make it more organized by adding some hooks or curtain rings to the ends of them and hanging them on hooks with in a closets or on doors.

  3. Icing Cookies - Use cleaned old condiment bottles to the place icing for easy decorating when it comes to icing the cookies.

  4. Use a command hook on the back of a door to hand something is front, like a wreath, stocking or anything else that may be festive.

  5. Light Fixtures - If your light fixtures are looking dull, hang the ornaments on them to create a Christmas Chandelier.

Try out a few of these ideas to give a little extra this holiday season

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