How Often Should You Change the Water Filter in Your Refrigerator?

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 4/30/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
How Often Should You Change the Water Filter in Your Refrigerator?

Many times homeowners overlook how often they should actually change their water filters in their refrigerator. Refrigerators with water dispensing systems are the most popular types of refrigerators. So, it is important to know about the mechanism of the water dispenser and ensure the water’s purification. Some homeowners may not know when they need to change their water filter and how often they should. No worries! We are here to inform you of these important questions!


How Often Should You Change the Water Filter?

The average amount of time that you should change your water filter should be every six months. This can vary based on factors like usage and flow rate expectancy. Also, depending on what impurities the filter filters out, such as chlorine only, you may need to change it before the six months. On the other hand, sometimes water has unexpected impurities which make the water filter do more work than it was designed too. If this is the case, you should change it every three or four months.


Why Do I Need to Change the Water Filter?

Water filters that are installed in the fridge’s system ensure that the water that goes to the dispenser has no impurities in it. On the other hand, after some time the impurities in the continuous flow of water get clogged in the water filter. Those impurities include chlorine, limescale, heavy metals and other substances. When these impurities get clogged in the water filter, it reduced the efficiency of the water dispenser. Also, impurities can pass through the water filter into the dispenser, which can cause a change in the taste of the water. This is the main reason for changing your water filter. No one wants impurities in their water or their water taste differently. There are some refrigerators that have technology which notifies you when your water filter needs to be changed. If you find yourself forgetting to change the water filter you may want to consider purchasing one of these!


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