How To Child Proof or Baby Proof Your Home The Right Way

Posted by Rachael Marciniak on 8/1/2017 to DIY
How To Child Proof or Baby Proof Your Home The Right Way

You did it. You had a family; whether it was by choice, well that is still up for debate. Furthermore your growing children are now starting to roam your house and getting into everything. And we really mean everything. They are becoming more annoying than that puppy you adopted (at least they didn’t chew up your favorite pair of work shoes… yet..) What do you do to keep them from harming themselves every two seconds?! How do you get back your sanity? We have a few solutions.

Let’s start in the kitchen. If your baby or toddler likes to touch buttons, this will never grow old for them. Give them all the toys in the world, but they will be on to bigger and better things and by bigger and better we mean your oven – stove, range, etc. Turning the knobs, pressing the buttons on it, trying to open the door – whatever they can do! Luckily we sell stove safety covers to throw over the handles when they aren’t in use to prevent unwanted mishaps or fires. These covers have come in handy many times. Don't rely on duct tape - those little clones of yours are smarter than what you want to give them credit for.

After they have been unsuccessful with the oven, it’s time to move on to the shiny refrigerator. There are a few things you can do here. We sell a very helpful appliance lock that will keep the doors closed so they don’t whack their face or even worse, have items come crashing down on them. We also don’t want them getting trapped inside the refrigerator or climbing inside the shelving unit – your little one does take after you, right?

If you have an ice and water dispenser, we recommend getting a magnetic sheet from the craft store and cutting it to size and just putting it over the dispenser when not in use so there aren’t any surprises in the kitchen upon your return to it.

If your toddler is in that menacing phase, then you might definitely want our microwave lock, which works on your oven as well, that comes in super handy when they want to experiment and do ridiculous things. It works great for teenagers as well. Throw that on there and let your worries slip away.

Lastly, to protect your dishwasher, washer, and dryer from being abused and ending up like a scene from a movie (you know what scene I’m talking about – think suds and bubbles for days with no end in sight) the appliance lock works great on these appliances as well. Make sure you don’t leave laundry detergent don’t, especially if you use the ones that might appear as candy to your young ones – conceal that so no mistakes are made.

With these few tips we can only wish you the best of luck from here and hope you and your appliances win this battle. Go forth and protect!

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