How To Remove Lost Coins From A Washer

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 4/13/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

Forgetting to empty your pockets before loading your washer can result in small items such as coins, getting stuck inside the exterior wash tub, drain hose and drain pump. It is important that you remove them immediately due to the potential damage they could cause. Follow our step-by-step guide for best results in repairing.  

                Tools For Completing This Repair:

-          Pliers

-          Wire Hanger

-          Screw Driver


1.       Unplug the washer from its power source.

2.       Find the drain pump. The location of your pump depends on your model; you may need to take off the front panel or access panel to get to your pump. Refer to your manual for help finding it.  

3.       Remove the wire connecting the drain pump to the washer.

4.       Using your pliers, squeeze both ends of the hose clamps.

5.       Slide the clamps over the hose and away from the pump.  

6.       Remove the screws holding the drain pump to the cabinet. If the pump is secured by rubber grommets, you will need to push down on them and then take it out.

7.       Look inside the pump for your missing coins and other small items that could be in the way. If you need to, gently shake it or use pliers to go in and reach for the coins.

8.       Locate where the drain pump is connected to the exterior washtub. Using your pliers, squeeze at both ends of the hose clamp and slide it down the hose away from the washtub. Gently shake the hose in order to safely remove any coins.

9.       With the help of another person, pull your washer out and lift up on the front side of the cabinet. Lost coins should slide out of the exterior and interior washtubs and out through the drain hose. If the coins aren’t moving, you may need to tip the washer back and forth a few times until they come out.

10.   If your coins still aren’t coming out from the washtubs, straighten out a clothes hanger into a “U” shape about 2 inches long with a 90 degree bend about 8 inches away from the “U.”

11.   After you create the “U” shape, put the “U” side into the drain hose at the exterior tub opening. Using the wire, feed the coins through the drain hose and out the exterior tub.


                After going through all these steps, your missing coins should all be out. If you are still experiencing problems with your washer after completing all these steps and removing coins, you may need to call a technician to examine further.  

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