How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Posted by Haley Waple on 2/22/2018 to Appliance Maintenance
How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine can prevent mold, get rid of that sulfur smell, and will keep your washing machine performing efficiently. Over time the soap residue and minerals in detergents can build up over time inside the washing machine causing your clothes to not get as clean as they should be. Be sure to clean your washing machine so it operates efficiently.

Why It’s Important to Clean the Inside of the Washing Machine:

Have you ever heard or black mold? Black mold is the most common type of mold and it can even be hidden. Please pay very close attention to this. It can affect your body. It can be an irritant to your skin, eyes, someone who has asthma allergies or a compromised immune system this can be dangerous to your health.

Open your washing machine door and pull the gasket towards you. What did you find? Was it a bobby pin, some coins, a sock, uh oh…mold! Wiping down the inside of your washer machine can prevent mold and mildew from growing inside your washing machine.

How to Prevent Mold inside Your Washing Machine

1.       Keep the door open (you’re trapping steam and moisture inside)

2.       Wipe down the inside with distilled vinegar (clean the gasket and inside door panel regularly)

3.       Use less detergent (I know you may think I need more but you should only be using 1 tablespoon of detergent

4.       Be sure to rinse the water

5.       Clean the inside of the washer with a commercial cleaning product, vinegar, or bleach (weekly)

6.       Use Affresh Washing Machine Wipes (part number W10355053) once a month to keep your washing machine smelling clean and fresh!

7.       Mix warm water and bleach in a bowl, soak a rag in it and wipe it down, leave it for 15-30 minutes. Next do a wash cycle with bleach and then let the washer air out.

Cleaning a front-loading Washing Machine:

Supplies You Will Need:

-          Baking Soda

-          White Vinegar or Bleach


1.       After each load wipe down the door and the gasket with Washer Machine Wipes (part# W10355053) or a cloth. In between loads be sure to leave the washer door open. The circulating air will help dry out the inside.

2.       If your unit contains an automatic fabric softener dispenser to prevent build up leave the dispenser open to prevent bad odors and mildew. Using the correct amount of detergent can reduce mildew. Don’t assume that using more detergent will make your clothes smell better and get them more clean because that is not true. Simply follow the line on the detergent cup.

3.       Every few months clean the inside of your washing machine. Add 1 cup or white vinegar or bleach to the dispenser or directly into the machine. Then run a hot wash cycle without laundry. The bleach/white vinegar will kill the production of mold and mildew spores inside the unit.

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