How to Fix a Clothes Dryer Making Noise

NOTICE: Before trying to diagnose why your dryer is too hot or overheating, make sure to disconnect it from all power sources.

Dryer Belt

The dryer belt is a long and slim belt which goes around the dryer drum and other parts such as the idler pulley and and drive motor. tension is controlled by a heavy spring, which eliminates noise issues from the belt. Over time, the dryer belt can become worn and possibly tear. If it does become damaged, it could result in a loud noise.

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Dryer Rollers or Drum Glides

There could be one or more of the dryer drum rollers being worn out. There are usually two drum rollers in the front and two drum rollers in the back. If you notice one roller is worn, replacing all of them at once is recommended to prevent others from being worn shortly after.

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Dryer Idler Pulley

The idler pulley can become worn and damaged over time. Inspect the idler pulley and if you need to replace the pulley, it is recommended you replace the driver belt as well.

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Blower Wheel

The dryer blower wheel will make a grinding or a growling noise at the initial start up and shut down of the dryers operation when it is stripped out on the motor shaft. Since the operation of a blower wheel is too pull air through the dryer and out the vent, sometimes lint, socks and other smaller particles can get jammed. The dryer will make noise in this case.

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Find Parts to Repair Your Dryer

We covered how to fix a dryer that is making noise. If you find that you need a replacement part, feel free to browse our website or visit the dryer parts page.

If you have a hard time finding the part you need for your dryer, just give us a call at 866-236-3848 and one of our Part Experts would be happy to help you find the exact OEM replacement part you are looking for to fix your dryer.

Locating the Model Number on your Dryer

When calling to find an exact replacement part for your dryer, you will need the Model Number ready to go. The model number on a dryer can typically be found in one of four places:

For electric dryers, the model number can be found in the upper back corner, the front side of the cabinet, or the cabinet frame inside the door.

For gas dryers, the model number can typically be found behind the front access panel.
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