How to Get your House Ready for Thanksgiving!

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 11/17/2017 to DIY
How to Get your House Ready for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if this wonderful holiday will be celebrated at your house, it is time to get your house ready for it! Planning and cooking a Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful and a lot of work. No worries! These tips below will help guide you in preparation for this grateful holiday.

Finalize the menu and shopping list

First things first, choose which recipes you will be making and use that to finalize your shopping list to ensure you have all the ingredients to cook Thanksgiving dinner!

Clean the Counters

Once you start cooking you will have so many items on your counters so clearing them off will help you get ready to bake! Load the dishes in the dishwasher, put away random items that are lurking on your counter and lastly, wipe down your counters.

Clean Oven/Stovetop

This is the time of year that you will be using your oven more than usual so it is important to clean it well. First, remove all the racks and any loose dirt from the walls and bottom of the oven. Then use this home-made DIY oven cleaner recipe listed below and spread this paste on any dirty areas in your range and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then scrub it with warm water and rinse it clean with a damp cloth.

  • Baking Soda (1/2 cup)
  • Water (1/2 cup)
  • Plastic Scrubber
  • Damp cloth

Clean out the fridge/freezer

Your refrigerator probably already has food stocked and overflowing inside of it. Well, you will certainly have leftovers after Thanksgiving so it is important to clean out your refrigerator prior to the holiday. After a long day of cooking, serving, and cleaning, no one wants to reorganize and clean out the fridge, so just do it before and it will save you the aggravation later.

Declutter drawers and cabinets

You will have a bunch of ingredients that will need to be stocked away, so get rid of expired or stale snacks to make more space. Also, de-cluttering drawers will allow you to easily reach any kitchen utensils you may need for when you are cooking.  

Grab container for leftovers and food wrapping

Don’t forget to add this to your shopping list! Odds are you will have leftovers and would want your guests to take some home so make sure you are stocked up with disposable plastic containers, food wrap, and baggies.

Prep your silverware, serving platters, etc.

Check to make sure you have enough serving dishes, utensils, platters, glasses, etc., for each guest and for each dish you are making.

*Use posted notes to label which serving platters go with which dishes.

Plan and gather your table decorations

Lastly, plan ahead how you want to decorate your house and where you will be putting certain decorations. To make your life easier, put up the decorations a days before and set the table at night so it will be ready in the morning. Use decorations like napkin holders, centerpieces, place cards (if you want to get fancy), cloth napkins and anything else to make your house more festive!


We hope this blog will help you get your house ready for Thanksgiving!

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