How to Prepare Your Appliances for a Move

Posted by The Appliance Parts Experts on 6/21/2016 to Appliance Maintenance

If you decide to move your appliances with you to a new home, it’s important that you take these precautions before you begin loading up your moving truck.

1.     Protect your floors from becoming damaged. Be sure to put moving mats or cardboard down on your floors so that they don’t get scratched or dented.

2.      Shut off all electricity, gas and water that is connected to your appliances.

3.      For appliances that use water (refrigerators, dishwashers and washers) unplug them from their power source 24 hours before the anticipated move to allow time for them to dry out.

4.       Remove all items inside each of your appliances.

5.       Defrost your freezer so that it can dry out completely.

6.     Follow proper protocol for disconnecting gas ranges and dryers that are connected to natural gas. If you are unsure of how to do this, refer to your appliance manual or check with a certified technician.

7.      Tape power cords and plugs to each appliance so that they don’t get pulled on or tripped over.

      Moving your appliances to a new home means that they will soon have to be put back together again. Be sure to keep all your user manuals and warranties together in one place so that they don’t get lost along the way. This will make for reassembling and connecting your appliances go much easier.

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