How to Shrink a Pair of Jeans that have already been Washed Before!

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 1/26/2018 to DIY
How to Shrink a Pair of Jeans that have already been Washed Before!

One of the worst things in everyday life is when your jeans have stretched out and lost its shape! Now many jeans owners believe they can't shrink their jeans after they have been washed before. In reality, there are many different ways you can shrink your jeans! Below are a couple of ways to shrink jeans so they fit the way you want. Also, don't forget to take proper care of your jeans, treat them well and they can last a lifetime! 

  • Turn up the heat on your washer & dryer - set your washer and dryer to the highest heat setting which will shrink the cotton in your jeans.
  • Boil Them - heat up a pot of water until it’s boiling, fully submerge the jeans and leave them in the pot for 20–30 minutes. Drain them then dry them on high heat.
  • Take a Bath - wear your jeans in the hottest bath that your body can tolerate. Once the water is cool, get out of the tub and wear the jeans until they dry. This probably sounds uncomfortable but you will have a perfect fit!
  • Spot Shrinking - this is if you only want to shrink a certain area on your jeans like the waistband. Mix 3/4th cup of hot water and 1/4th cup of fabric softener. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, shake it then spray the areas you want to shrink. Lastly, dry the jeans on the highest setting or air dry.

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