How to Touch Up Appliance Paint

Posted by Lien Pham on 1/18/2018 to DIY
How to Touch Up Appliance Paint
Do you ever get sick of your appliance and want a new one? Nothing is wrong with it, but the color doesn’t match, it's peeling or chipped. Before you throw the entire door away you might want to use appliance paint to save money. 

Appliance touch up paints are available in a variety of colors to leave your appliance looking brand new. 

Choose the Right Paint:

There are specific paints that can be applied to your appliance so not all paints are equal. Appliance paints are designed to stick to the surface they are applied to. Do not try to add acrylic or enamel paint because it can be damaging to your appliance and release harmful chemicals. 
If you have just a small chip or scratch that you want to cover, all you need is a brush-on touch-up paint. If you just want to change the overall color of your appliance or cover a larger chip then you would need to use appliance spray on paint. 

Prep the Appliance:
Before painting your appliance, make sure that it is unplugged and cleaned. You might not get a clean finish or the paint won’t stick if you have any debris or grease on the surface before you start to apply the paint. All you need to do is take a damp sponge with warm soapy water and wipe it down. Then proceed to dry the area with a rag. 

If you are covering a chip, it is important to sand the area in order to have a smooth surface. 

It is extremely important that you are in a ventilated area. Toxic fumes from the paint can be very harmful and may cause any side effects. However, with proper precautions, these can be easily avoided. If you are painting an entire appliance it might be a good idea to do it outdoors. 

Paint the Appliance:
When you finished cleaning and prepping, you can now start to paint your appliance!  Remember the old saying “Less is more”, and apply the paint in thin layers. For better results, let the layers dryer before adding more paint. After the painting job is done, let the paint sit for 24 hours or more before use. 

Thanks for reading! We hope this helps you prepare to spruce up your appliance.

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