How to turn your Freezer from Frightening to Fresh!

Posted by Alexandra Ulici on 3/9/2018 to Refrigerator
How to turn your Freezer from Frightening to Fresh!

Keeping your freezer organized is most likely not your top priority especially with all the other appliances homeowners needs to keep organized and maintained. It is easy to throw frozen food in your freezer and keep adding more because you forgot about it! Grabbing food out of your freezer should not be a game of Where's Waldo in the arctic. With a freezer that is organized, you will feel stress-free and satisfied whenever you need to grab food out of your freezer. Here are four tips on how to organize and maintain your freezer!


Throw it away

The first thing to do is check all the food in the freezer and to get rid of anything that is past its sell-by date or any food that has freezer burn because it will not taste as good. The rule of thumb is the nine-month rule; throw away anything that has been in the freezer for over nine months. Unless it is steaks, chops, and roasts, those can stay in the freezer for up to twelve months. Remember that freezing food can change the texture of it, depending on the food; you may way to use it sooner, as well as keep it in the fridge.

What NOT to freeze?

Vegetables like, onions, peppers, cucumbers, and celery will become limp and soft when frozen and will lose their flavor. As well as salad greens, these are not items we want to waste but it would be better to keep them in the fridge. The best place to store these items is the crisper drawer, this drawer keeps food fresh and helps it last longer. Other items like dairy products and mayonnaise-based salads or meals, doesn’t freeze well so keep them in the fridge.

Label Label Label!

Labels can be your best friends, especially when you’re labeling items in your freezer because when everything is frozen, it is hard to determine what food item it is. Labeling will help you be aware of what’s what and marking the expiration date will ensure the food is safe and not spoiled. You can make this household duty more enjoyable by making funky labels! Get your kids involved; less work for you and it gives your children some arts and craft time!


All refrigerators have different shelving styles in them. If yours is lacking shelving, you can add plastic bins, milk crates or stacking baskets to make it more organized. Store foods that have similar shapes together like, boxed meals or sealed fruits and vegetables, this will make it easier to locate certain items.

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